new blog

I have wandered over to Wordpress and have created a new blog. Primarily for all the recipes and such that I've been discovering and trying recently. Here it is: datapike.wordpress.com


no child left behind ftl

I finally just got caught up a bit with my web comics, and stumbled upon the linked forum post by the writer of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group, Ryan Sohmer. Here is my posted reply:

You really want to know what kids are learning in DC and Baltimore schools? I live in Maryland and go to a Baltimore college. I've seen it. It's absolutely heinous. I volunteered to tutor high school kids from Baltimore City schools last year and most of them couldn't do basic math. Now when I say 'basic' I mean basic. They were completely reliant on calculators. Most couldn't even add two single digit numbers together, let alone divide anything. No one ever taught them long division. Yet, these kids were getting A's in their classes. Additionally, the English program allows them to write papers with slang and racial slurs. And trying to teach them anything is like beating your head against a brick wall. wallbash.gif I can only wonder how the teachers feel about all this. They are probably just as frustrated with them. That or they too can only do math with a calculator and don't know how to use proper grammar.

GAH!!! So ridiculous!

Well, you wanted to know, and there you have it.

~ Datapike


the wonderful world of web

So I had to write a paper last night. An easy task for it was a mere page, though single spaced. Well I get back from class at a little before 10 and I didn't sleep until 130. What in the world, you may ask, could I have been doing to take 3 hours to write a paper? Well to sum it up, the interwebs.
It is a very distracting and fickle thing, you see. I stumble onto it for a minute to check the usual things, email, bank, school, etc., and then end up surfing away on an seemingly unending ocean of information. The interwebs were answering my every whim, but what it didn't do was write my paper for me. Granted, a bit of me was putting off the paper because of the sole fact that it was about rape. Not exactly the most cheerful subject, I know. But also, the ADD part of my brain decided to go a little bit insane last night. I was going to complete my storyboard for one of my animation classes too, but well, suffice it to say, that didn't happen.
On a lighter note, my 3D animation class went fairly well today. He actually showed us how to do a bit more in Maya and it was indeed helpful. Yay for NURBS.
Also, I'm supposedly having an interview today in about 30 minutes but I have yet to receive confirmation that such meeting is actually taking place today. I suppose I'll go up there regardless and see if there is anyone to talk to. Bah. Oh well. If it results in a second job then whoo-hoo! I just hope it doesn't kill me.



I know I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been busy as hell. I found a job at the end of July in an electrical company doing desk work. It's been pretty good, but the fact that I'm now back at college, I'm not working full-time and therefore not getting enough money. Causally, since I'm doing 19 credits and working 20ish hours a week.... I'm not sleeping much. Ironically enough, we are now talking about sleep disorders in my Psych class. So frickin tired. Hungry too.

So Jared and I are starting on a diet, but I don't know how it's going to go. A big problem is that I don't have time to make salads and such, nor any kind of food that isn't room temperature, but also that I can't afford to buy healthyish food while at the Commons. I hope he does better than he was, because I know how much he really wants to get in shape. I think it's great, but I know it's gonna be a long road.

Well, class is out. Hopefully I'll be posting more often from now on.


shopping cart the homicidal maniac

I was leaving the arena after working on today's comic books and it was raining lightly. By the time I got to my car, the wind was pushing me back and pelting me in the face with rain. But once I got into the car the windshield suddenly filled with water as the rain turned into buckets pouring down from the sky. I saw a single shopping cart rolling slowly across the parking lot, pushed by the wind and rain, and just started laughing my ass off. Then three more followed its lead and I decided it was no longer safe to have my car sit in that lot. It was a tad ridiculous really. Maybe they just wanted out of their metal corral so they could roll wild and free. Silly little things.


vestigial makes the world go round

vestigial limbs:
Beware the whale walkers!
These large creatures seem docile and harmless during the day, but by night they creep onto dry land and abduct people and creatures to take them to their watery grave from which they shall never return. How can they do this you ask? Well they have vestigial legs left over from when they once walked on land all the time. With these, in conjunction with their fins, they move themselves across the earth and drag their unsuspecting prey off to the depths of the sea. So don't go out at night if you live near a seacoast, because you never know when the whale walkers will get you.

vestigial sex:
Diego Rivera's sexual endeavors were also vestigial and meaningless. He was a player of his time, very incompetent but not impotent, blindingly clearly not even, because he had sex with many people with reckless abandon. But he did have a tendency to think he was slightly omnipotent and that his paintings were better than many others and regardless of the fact that his stuff looked nothing like it, he insisted his work was rooted in Mayan and Aztec art. Lies.

Mixing the two:
Tyrannosaurus Rex's had vestigial arms which couldn't reach out to do anything. Which makes me think, how could they have sex without their arms to balance? This also brought an interesting image into my head - tyrannosaurus sex - a new position where you keep your arms curled up and don't use them, but that could always be misconstrued as S/M depending on how it's done, maybe with the arms bound in some way to make them curled up as such. But who cares really if it is considered naughty, when the world runs on sex and despite what people say, they always have it on their minds.